Christmas, Christians and Hamas

Seismic Shock now examines the response of anti-Zionist Christians to to the current conflict in Gaza and Southern Israel.

Has this Christmas been the most antisemitic Christmas in recent years?

Christian Aid Watch notes that:

“Simplistic morality plays have an enduring appeal for Christians of a certain sort, and the traditional view that the festive season is incomplete without some Jewish baddies is enjoying quite a comeback.”

This week, the Jerusalem Post, Turkish Weekly and Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV have all reported that UK NGOs Amos Trust, War On Want and Pax Christi are using Christmas themes to attack Israel.

Meanwhile, raving antisemite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered Channel 4’s alternative Christmas message.

Considering Iran’s own treatment of Muslim converts to Christianity, Ahmadinejad was clearly in no position to give a Christmas address.

Yet during his visit to the USA, The World Council of Churches invited Ahmadinejad to dinner.

In the UK, leading British Christian scholar Stephen Sizer and Anthony McRoy have publicly defended Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

In a sermon at his church in Virginia Water last Christmas, Stephen Sizer appeared to subtly compare Iranian funding of Hamas with the gifts of the Magi to baby Jesus.

This week, a prominent Iranian cleric has called on Christians ‘not to let the Zionists interfere in their destiny’. Similarly, Iran’s proxy Hamas have previously claimed that ‘Jews control U.S. Christianity.’

There are, of course, many anti-Zionist Christians who will accept and propagate these arguments. Colin Chapman, Stephen Sizer, Gary Burge, Ben White, Anthony McRoy and many others have written books and articles and denouncing Christian Zionists.

This month in the USA, Front Page Mag reports, the National Council of Churches has issued a special brochure called “Why We Should Be Concerned About Christian Zionism.” Indeed, many church groups are funding Palestinian liberation theologians.

Swedish organization Diakonia has also been criticised in the Jerusalem Post for ignoring the rocket attacks by Hamas on Sderot.

So these groups don’t care about Israeli suffering, but at least they care about Palestinian suffering, right?

Surely Christians who support the Palestinians would be appalled to learn that Palestinian converts to Christianity may face crucifixion under new Hamas laws? [UPDATE: I have learned that these laws are in actual fact still under discussion, and that the Jerusalem Post article, based off this article in Al Hayat, is based on a mistake. For more on Islamist persecution of Christians in Gaza, see here]

Yet ignoring Islamist persecution of Palestinian Christians, many anti-Zionist Christian groups are instead condemning Israel this week for its response to Hamas’ barrage of rocket attacks.

Such groups not only turn a blind eye to the plight of Israeli civilians, but also betray their own fellow Christians in Gaza.



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2 responses to “Christmas, Christians and Hamas

  1. Woody

    Jeepers, tell us about this new law by Hamas crucifying coverts to Christianity. What exactly does it say?
    And while you’re about it, what exactly was wrong with Ahmadinajad’s Christmas message?
    As for ignoring the home-made rocket attacks on Sderot I don’t recall you mentioning the countless bombs, missiles, tank shells, grenades, etc, blasted into densely packed Gaza by israel’s high-tech weapon systems with much more deadly effect.

  2. seismicshock

    Hi Woody, thanks for your feedback. I had a look into the new law, and apparently it’s all based off a mistake in Al Hayat. Apparently, “one of their [Al Hayat] reporters got a copy of the draft that was being prepared and mistakenly assumed that it had already been passed.”

    Regarding Ahmadinejad, he should not have been giving a Christmas speech in the first place! Or do you think it’s okay for a man whose government hangs mentally ill teenagers and indeed persecutes religious minorites (including Christians) to then give a Christmas message?

    Israel aims for military targets, whilst Hamas aims for civilians. There is no comparison.

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