Israeli Christian leaders discuss Gaza

With the world press concentrating on the Christians in Gaza, and busy interviewing Seismic Shock’s favourite priest Manawel Musallam, it is worth remembering that there are also Christians in Israel who deserve to be heard by concerned churches around the world.

There are an estimated 130,000 Christians of all denominations and backgrounds living in Israel.

Israeli Christian newspaper Israel Today spoke with Messianic leaders in Israel about war in Gaza:

It is difficult to adequately speak to this issue without ever having been directly threatened by an armed and hostile enemy. Most Christians in the West have never experienced that, nor have most had to deal with loved ones being called up to defend their nation against looming and potentially existential threats.

Israeli believers, however, are able to speak to the issue from a position of intimate knowledge and experience. For Israelis, the question of whether or not to use and support the use of force is perhaps more relevant than for believers anywhere else in the West. It is not merely an academic exercise in religious morality, but rather a matter of life and death.

With violence flaring in and around the Gaza Strip, we asked local Messianic leaders how they view the use of force against the terrorists, considering that many of their own sons and friends may be participating in the fighting, and that unlike for most Christians in the West, the terrorists pose a direct daily threat to their lives and the lives of their loved ones…

Read more here.


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