Sabeel leaps to Hamas’ defence

I’ve just read the following from Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, which I found on Stephen Sizer’s blog:

“So long as Israel holds the Palestinians in general and the Gazans in particular under occupation, they (the Palestinians) have the right, according to international law, to resist the “seemingly never ending” belligerent occupation and struggle for their liberation. Israel, therefore, cannot demand from the international community sympathy and political support and from the Palestinians calm and security, while it maintains its inhuman and illegal occupation. It is only when Israel ends its occupation that it can have a legitimate right to defend its borders. Israel stands in violation of international law and is the aggressor due to its belligerent occupation.”

According to Sabeel, then, this is legal:

Have a read of this open letter to Sabeel from a Jewish peace activist from the USA sympathetic to Palestinian nationalism, in which Claire E. Gorfinkel questions Sabeel’s motives behind their choice of Jewish speakers at a recent conference. CAMERA had this to say about Sabeel founder Naim Ateek last month. Elsewhere, it’s been noted that Sabeel endorses Hamas.


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