Liberation theology and terrorism (part 1)

Fighters from Colombias ELN

Fighters from Colombia's ELN

Seismic Shock now begins a series exposing liberation theology and its links with terrorism. We begin by looking at Colombia’s National Liberation Army (ELN), and the radical priest Camilo Torres, famous for having claimed that “if Jesus were alive today, he would be a guerrilero.” Torres also admired the bloodthirsty hate-filled xenophobe Che Guevara. Torres is considered an inspiration to revolutionaries and radical priests alike.

In an article for the BBC from 2006 entitled Colombia’s rebel kidnappers, Jeremy McDermott wrote:

Inspired by the Cuban revolution, a group of Colombians went to Havana to receive training in insurgent warfare, returning to Colombia in 1964.

Under the leadership of Fabio Vasquez Castano, they founded the National Liberation Army (ELN).

The ELN split their efforts between military and social work

The movement attracted many Catholic priests who adhered to Liberation Theology, starting in 1966 with a handsome young crusading priest from a prominent family, Father Camilo Torres.

He was killed in his first action with the guerrilla group, but several other priests followed in his footsteps. Among them was Spaniard Manuel Perez, who led the movement from the 1970s until his death in 1998.

The ELN, whom Torres fought and died for, is considered as a terrorist organisation by the USA, the EU, and the Colombian state, and considered one of the most prominent terrorist groups in Latin America.

Torres is considered a predecessor to liberation theology, and a profound influence on the father of liberation theology, Gustavo Gutierrez.



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2 responses to “Liberation theology and terrorism (part 1)

  1. kid rock

    Wow, what an expose! Friggin idiots. We get it already. Anybody who resists capitalist imperialism is a terrorist. What’s next? Will you be so bold as to call them “anti-American”? Are liberationists not “Christian” enough for you?

    Maybe if your “free market” were actually free, a lot of this stuff would go away. Call of your oppressive, market-sustaining governments, militaries and police forces. Or were you looking to get another Pinochet, Trujillo, Vargas, or Videla in their to take care of the subversives?

  2. U. R. Lame

    I really like how you take that image of “scary masked guys with guns” and put it right under the phrase “liberation theology.” It’s almost as if you are trying to lure the reader into subconsciously linking liberationism with guerrilla warfare and, thus, illegitimate combat. Subtle, yet effective. I see it on Faux News all the time, too.

    How do we know that those guys aren’t part of a CIA-supported paramilitary group used to murder people who stick up for themselves while making the fascist governments appear to be uninvolved or innocent?

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