Liberation theology and terrorism (part 2)

Along with Gustavo Gutierrez, Leonardo Boff is one of the best known liberation theologians in the world. A former Catholic priest considered a champion of the poor, Boff is also an admirer of Fidel Castro.

Boff is virulent in his contempt of the United States, labelling it a ‘terrorist state.’ He speaks bitterly of the 9/11 attacks, in which poor people also died.

Boff regretted that only one plane had crashed into the Pentagon.

Here is Boff’s take on the terrorist attacks on New York:

“For me, the terrorist attack of September 11 represents the shift towards a new humanitarian and world model. The targeted buildings sent a message: a new world civilization cannot be built with the kind of dominating economy (symbolized by the World Trade Center), with the kind of death machine set up (the Pentagon) and with the kind of arrogant politics and producer of many exclusions (…) For me the system and culture of capital began to collapse. They are too destructive.”

In a report on antisemitism in Brazil, The Stephen Roth Institute noted that:

In an Internet article, entitled “International Fundamentalism,” the influential Catholic left-wing intellectual and writer Leonardo Boff (formerly a priest), maintained that there were three types of fundamentalism or terrorism on the international scene: globalization (represented by the US), Islamic suicide bombing (represented by bin Laden) and ‘preventive war’ (represented by Bush and Sharon). “The basis of Sharon’s terrorist state is driven by the idea that the Jews have a greater right than the Palestinians to have a state as large as that which existed in the time of King David. That is why Sharon continues to colonize and will boycott any peace initiative that does not suit this purpose” (see “Fundamentalismo mundial,”, 3 May 2005).

Boff has also been criticised for:

“ignorance of Judaism, for reinforcing the traditional ‘teaching of contempt’ found in the Adversus Judaeos Literature and for espousing a form of liberation theology.” (A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations – Edward Kessler & Norman Wenborn – UK, 2005, p. 261)

How progressive.



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2 responses to “Liberation theology and terrorism (part 2)

  1. Stephen

    Most Christian denominations have dumped Liberation Theology, it is just the Sabeel strain that is virulent now.

  2. computer

    1. Ratzinger and the cultural fascists of the Western world have been ostracizing and murdering liberationists since Medellin and the organization of the Christian Base Communities. The United States and Britain are absolutely complicit in this, along with the military dictatorships they sponsor all over the world. You can justify it all you want, but that justification is your own, not god given, and it will continue to exacerbate the problem.

    2. I am amazed that you have the audacity to put an image of planes hitting the towers on this page. There is absolutely no historical link between liberationism and 9/11. In fact, one of your Boff excerpts clearly says that liberationists see Islamic fundamentalism as a form of terrorism.

    3. Just because Boff is able to situate Islamic fundamentalism in a bigger picture of tensions over globalization, does not mean that he is forgiving them.

    4. You assume that your “research” and excerpts stand for themselves. They do not. In fact, many of them fly in the face of your argument. It would be better if you could actually disprove Boff. For now, your intellectual fortitude is limited by your own agenda. Yes, capitalism and patriotism ARE agendas; terrorism will continue to thrive as long as you continue to pretend that they aren’t. Of course, your own economic and patriotic fundamentalisms will thrive on this “ideology of no ideology” for a while, before it all implodes under the weight of its own lies.

    You can’t just say that somebody is wrong because they disagree with you.

    5. As the ‘opiate of the masses,’ religion has always been used both as an oppressive and liberating force. Based on parts 1 & 2 of this ridiculous blog, it is clear that modern Christianity is still bent on the oppression of biological, cultural and political difference.

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