Liberation theology and terrorism (part 3): Hamas, Sabeel and the children of Gaza

These are just some of the ways in which children in the Gaza strip are indoctrinated to hate Jews, and instead of being encouraged to seek life and prosperity, are encouraged to seek ‘martyrdom’. It seems there is no hope for these children as long as Hamas continue to impose this culture of death upon the people of Gaza.

These perverse teachings which Hamas is inflicting upon Palestinian children should appall Christians. And, considering his calls for justice for the Palestinian people, this should disturb Palestinian liberation theologian Naim Ateek and those from the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center which he founded.

But instead of confronting Islamist hatred of Jews, Zionists and Israelis Sabeel thrives off it, harming the Palestinian cause.

Instead of publicly criticising Hamas, friends and members of both Sabeel and Bethlehem Bible College prefer to focus their fury on Israel. Representatives of Sabeel and Bethlehem Bible College have both appeared to align themselves with Hamas in recent times. Additionally, Friends of Sabeel North America are following the lead of the racist group PACBI in attempting to boycott a dance group of Jewish Israeli teenagers.

Whilst most Christian denominations have discarded liberation theology, Sabeel seek to perpetuate it. Thus far, no-one has been able to successfully combine Jesus’ teaching of ‘love thy neighbour’ with Che Guevara’s assertion that ‘hatred is an element of struggle; unbending hatred for one’s enemy.’

The propagating of age-old Jew-hatred by Sabeel is to the detriment Israelis and Palestinians alike. Meanwhile, the children of Gaza will learn Hamas’ own take on ‘liberation theology’.


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