Lutheran antisemitism & the Jewish state

No, Lutheran antisemitism’s got nothing to do with Martin Luther’s antisemitism.

You see, the Lutheran church has completely renounced Luther on this, declaring:

The Jewish people are God’s chosen people. Believers should bless them as scripture says that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. The LEPC/EPC/GCEPC recant and renounce the works and words of Martin Luther concerning the Jewish people…

Lutheran antisemitism’s now “different”. As US Lutheran bishops prepare to go to Israel and call for “peace”, Earned Media present:

The New Anti-Semitism: A Guide to the ELCA Campaign Against Israel and Her Christian Supporters

In early January, 66 Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America plan to go to Palestine and Israel to study Jewish “oppression” against Palestinians.(1) This after Palestinian Hamas has canceled a cease fire and began bombing Israel again at Christmas time, stridently provoking the present war.(2) No doubt each Bishop will come back with stories of this highly orchestrated trip, perhaps too naive to realize that they will only see what Hamas sympathizers and Christian Dhimmis like the Lutheran Bishop of the Holy Land, Munib Younan, want them to see (3)…

I wonder what Bishop David Brauer-Rieke will have to say.


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One response to “Lutheran antisemitism & the Jewish state

  1. Jean-Claude Nataf

    Spot on, I have lived in this dominant ,antisemitic/anti-Israel culture for over 20 years. About time that things are called what they realy are. I always cringe when I hear of Lutherans going over there, I know what they will come back can be summed up simply, poor , poor innocent oppressed Palestinians and monsterous, murderous, hideous Israelis, thats what they go over there to see, to reenforce. There is huge imbalance here in the northland.

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