Your guide to Gene Stoltzfus and the Christian Peacemaker Teams

Meet Gene Stoltzfus. Gene is about to embark upon a tour of the United Kingdom, which according to his blog, includes speaking at venues in Oxford, Hastings, Belfast, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Reading, Bradford, Coventry, Bangor, Chester, Hull and Falkirk.

British Christian magazine Ekklesia reports that ‘with the tragedy unfolding in Gaza, the trip could not be more timely.’ After all, Gene is the founder of the NGO Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), which one might reasonably assume exists to promote peace round the world with a Christian message.

Yet according to the NGO Monitor, CPT has a radical anti-Israel agenda, and demonises Israel whilst promoting ‘extremist Palestinian positions’.

Now, you may remember CPT worker Norman Kember, who was nearly beheaded in Iraq, and notoriously helped fund the bail for terrorist leader Abu Qatada, known in the West as the spiritual leader of Al Qaida in Europe, and notorious in the Muslim world for calling for mass killings of Egyptians and Algerians allied to their governments.

CPT founder Gene is not without his controversy either. Deeply critical of the West, Gene appears to be an avid fan of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose regime is renown for killing Muslim converts to Christianity, denying the Holocaust and hanging mentally ill teenagers from cranes. In an open letter to President Ahmadinejad of Iran, Gene congratulates him for ‘encouraging’ the ‘people of peace.’ Gene is also a speaker for Wheels of Justice, an NGO which like Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah wants the state of Israel wiped off the map.

Finally, a report from the Christian Peacemaker Teams is posted on the website of the Electronic Intifada! How “peaceful”!

So, if you’re planning to attend a Gene Stoltzfus event this month, why not ask him what he means when he talks about “peace”?



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3 responses to “Your guide to Gene Stoltzfus and the Christian Peacemaker Teams

  1. Adrian Glasspole

    Do you think someone should tel this shmuck how Cyrus was called a “Moshiach”, and how he assisted Jewish people in their aspirations to RETURN TO ISRAEL?

  2. seismicshock

    haha, don’t you mean “The Zionist Entity”? 🙂


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