The Neo-Nazi, the pro-jihad priest and Stephen Sizer

Reverend Doctor Stephen Sizer PhD is the former vice-chair of Friends of Sabeel UK, and strongly supports the work of Sabeel. Sizer ostensibly calls for peace in the Middle East whilst arguing that Christian Zionists are warmongers. Yet Sizer’s self-proclaimed title of a ‘peacemaker’ is severely compromised by his dubious connections with dodgy characters who just want an end to the Jewish state.

And they don’t come much dodgier than the pro-jihad priest Atallah Hanna, fired by the Greek Orthodox Church in July 2002 for refusing to sign a document condemning Palestinian terrorism. In August 2002, Hanna was arrested by Israeli police, who took away his passports and accused him of links with terrorist networks.

Suffice to say, there was a huge uproar at Hanna’s sudden fall from grace. Despite Hanna’s support for terrorism (or perhaps because of it?), there was an appeal from Hanna-sympathisers issued by Israel Shamir (a neo-Nazi who accuses Jews of being Christ-killers and viruses, and claims that Jews use Palestinian children to make matza bread) which called for the Israeli authorities not to press charges against him.

Shamir’s appeal was spread around the internet by Stephen Sizer, as is evident if you look at the bottom of this page. Of course this is not the first time that Sizer’s been questioned about his friendship with Israel Shamir or his support for terrorist activities against Israel.

All of which should make you think twice before taking Stephen Sizer’s writings seriously. Especially when he claims to be a ‘peacemaker.’



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4 responses to “The Neo-Nazi, the pro-jihad priest and Stephen Sizer

  1. Edward

    Please sign the Petition and forward it

    Britain’s Bishop Richard Williamson, who is reportedly being investigated for Holocaust denial in Germany, denied the murder of 6 million Jews by stating in an interview on Swedish state television last week, “I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews died in Nazi concentration camps, but none of them in gas chambers.”

    The Pope must make clear to the world that at a time when antisemitism and Holocaust denial have reached the highest levels in two decades and protesters at anti-Israel rallies are chanting, “Jews back to the ovens”, his decision to welcome a Holocaust denier back into the Church will only validate Holocaust denial and contradicts the teachings of Vatican II. Bishops who preach antisemitism or Holocaust denial should not be embraced by the Vatican.

    Bishop Williamson is one of four Catholic Bishops belonging to the notoriously antisemitic ‘Society of Saint Pius’, a breakaway group which opposes changes in Catholic doctrine. According to news reports, Williamson has endorsed “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, a notorious anti-Semitic forgery, and claimed that Jews are bent on world domination.

    Just last week, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication of Williamson and three other Bishops belonging to this group.

  2. John Stott

    He is a piss-taker of a peacemaker!

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