Peace on Earth and mercy mild?

Honorary Canon of St. George’s Cathedral Jerusalem, Garth Hewitt is the Director and founder of Amos Trust and a famous singer-songwriter in the Christian world. He was given an award by Interpal for his commitment to the Palestinian cause. Hewitt is taken as a voice of morality by supporters of Christian Aid, Amos Trust, Greenbelt attendees and many liberal-left Christians. His Talmud-based poem is frequently quoted by Stephen Sizer, a fellow trustee of Amos Trust.

This month, Hewitt has written a song lamenting the recent war in Gaza, based upon the words of pro-jihad Catholic priest based in Gaza Manuel Musalam. Hewitt’s song will understandably be taken seriously by many, as he has fostered a reputation in many circles as a peacemaker and a pacifist.

Yet Garth Hewitt is anything but. Hewitt’s charity Amos Trust has recently been exposed as a significant force behind the recent antisemitic politicisation of Christmas, and Hewitt inspired the idea of the recent anti-Zionist carols in London. Moreover, Hewitt contributes to a website which denies the genocide in Darfur. Hewitt has also gained notoriety as an anti-Zionist activist, and is prominent in the IMRI movement to boycott and divest from Israel. Here is Hewitt speaking at a demonstration in London in January in protest against Israel’s military operation in Gaza:

Hewitt claims that there can be no peace for Israel until there is peace for the Palestinians. Such words being uttered by a ‘peacemaker’ seem ridiculous. If the Taliban were to start a suicide bombing campaign in London, and Rev Hewitt were to suggest that ‘there can be no peace for Brits until there is peace for Afghans,’ I wonder how British Christians would react.

Of course we should all desire peace – peace for both peoples. A political peace deal will most likely be achieved through the Quartet’s plan for a two state solution. Radical priests who claim that Israel cannot have peace should not themselves be considered peacemakers.



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9 responses to “Peace on Earth and mercy mild?

  1. paulwchambers

    well, I’m a British Christian and completely concur that neither side can have peace unless both do, simple as that

  2. seismicshock

    So do you believe it would be okay for the Taleban to launch rockets and suicide missions into the UK until there’s peace in Afghanistan?

  3. paulwchambers

    what? how the heck do you get that kind of deduction from me saying there can only be real peace when it is for all?

  4. seismicshock

    I don’t see the difference. Hewitt appears to be suggesting that Israel is not entitled to peace until there is peace in Gaza – I am suggesting that people would not tolerate a pacifist claiming that the UK is not entitled to peace until there is peace in Afghanistan.

    What do you mean by saying ‘neither side can have peace unless both do’ then?

  5. paulwchambers

    in some respects i think we agree, ironically – unless i am missing something how can real peace occur unless we all have peace? whether that be Palestinian and Jew or Afghan of British or American and Iraqi?

  6. seismicshock

    Can you see how many will interpret Hewitt’s comment as supporting terrorist attacks against Israel though?

  7. paulwchambers

    afraid not, no… he is quite clear he doesn’t condone those actions – just visit Amos’ web-site.

    enjoyed the dialogue, have to do kids stuff now though

  8. seismicshock

    NGO Monitor’s report on Amos Trust gives us reasons to be fearful about the organisation:

  9. Sababa

    Come on Paul, Hewiit’s diatribe against Israel is entirely devoid of context, he says nothing but nothing about the terrorist attacks which provoked the conflict in the first place, why would this be if he is really so sincere about “peace”?

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