When is jihad not jihad? More on Ben White and Patrick Sookhdeo

Ben White, the journalist who understands why some people are antisemites, recently wrote a review of Patrick Sookhdeo’s Global Jihad for the Anglican website Fulcrum. The review has caused something of an uproar in the blogosphere, even reaching the echelons of Comment Is Free.

Over at Fulcrum there’s a lengthy debate about White and Sookhdeo, with some suggesting that White was ‘out of his depth’ in writing this review. Considering White’s failure to describe jihadist groups as jihadist groups, this suggestion is understandable.

Here is one of White’s many blog posts on Hezbollah, entitled “Hizbullah – Islamist or nationalist?“, in which White links to an article written by Robert Pape on Palestine Chronicle, identifying Hezbollah as a nationalist resistance group and not an Islamist movement, and links to another article in which Syrian Christian leader Elias Zahlawi encouraged his congregation to:

“Pray for the resistance, pray for Hassan Nasrallah. He is defending justice.”

Now, if it is true that Hezbollah is a nationalist not an Islamist group, then what nation does Hezbollah repesent? If it represent the Lebanese nation, or a Lebanese nation, then why does Hezbollah fire rockets into Israel?

Hezbollah is clearly a jihadist movement and not a national liberation movement – this is evident from the Hezbollah charter, the party’s name, and Hezbollah’s targeting and killing of Jews worldwide.

Many still hold Hezbollah responsible for murdering Jews in Argentina in 1994.

If Ben White doesn’t recognise Hezbollah as a jihadist movement then he really shouldn’t be asked by Christian websites to share his opinions about global jihad.

Especially given Hezbollah’s treatment of Christians.

Is that so difficult?



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6 responses to “When is jihad not jihad? More on Ben White and Patrick Sookhdeo

  1. There’s a very good response from a Muslim to Sookhdeo’s book ‘Global Jihad’, which exposes the inherent problems contained therein.
    I would recommend everyone read it to see how Sookhdeo spreads disinformation concerning Islam and Muslims:


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