Richard Williamson leaves Argentina.

ModernityBlog has more.



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2 responses to “Adios!

  1. old Labour

    Disturbing how coverage of Williamson over at Ruth Gledhill and Damian Thompson’s blogs has brought out a posse of anti-semites and Holocaust deniers in the comment threads. Gledhill has deleted many of the most offensive, but there are plenty over at Thompson’s post. Very sad that the old bigotry still lurks beneath the surface in some sections of Christianity.

  2. seismicshock

    Most definitely. There is this assumption that Holocaust denial is the be-all and end-all antisemitsm. It’s not – it’s a symptom of a deadly virus. As such there are some British Anglicans and evangelicals who will recognise Williamson as antisemitic but not Sizer, and only then because he’s a Catholic.

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