Neturei Karta’s Christian Soldiers

Rev Stephen Sizer has many Jewish friends.

We already know that Sizer is well-respected amongst Deborah Fink’s Jews for Justice for Palestinians and Jeff Halper’s Israeli Committee Against House Demolition.

Yet you may not be aware that pretty soon, Rev Sizer will be speaking alongside Neturei Karta spokesperson Aharon Cohen, who thinks the Holocaust dead ‘deserved it’, and Interpal chairman Ibrahim Hewitt, who thinks Holocaust Memorial Day should be scrapped.

Although Rev Sizer is very critical of Christian armaggedon teachers who envisage war in the Middle East before the coming of the Messiah, he doesn’t seem to mind Jews or Muslims who believe the same thing, so long as they’re anti-Israel not pro-Israel.

Sizer, Cohen and Hewitt have all been invited to Edinburgh by the Muslim Association of Britain. Famous for handing out antisemitic literature, I wonder if there’ll be any copies of Stephen Sizer’s books for sale?


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