Deicide and antisemitism in the Catholic Church

Richard Williamson, unlike most Catholic priests, denies the Holocaust. Yet it hasn’t been just Williamson’s Holocaust denial that has come in for criticism, but also the views of his ultra-conservative SSPX movement. On Comment Is Free, Francis Davis explains that:

For the Society of St Pius X, from which Williamson comes, suspicion of the Jews remains a collective commitment rather than the rantings of a rogue individual.

The SSPX’s rejection of the reforms of Vatican Council II has seen many commentators denounce the SSPX as right-wing, reactionary and bigoted. Obviously the SSPX can’t accept that the Catholic Church has moved on from deicide charges against the Jews.

Here is Gaza priest Manuel Musalam‘s opinions on the Jews from 2002:

“The Jew has a principle from which we suffer and which he tries to impose on people: the principle of the ‘gentiles.’ To him, the gentile is a slave. They [the Jews] give the [Palestinians] working in Israel only a piece of bread, and tell them: ‘This piece of bread that you eat is taken from our children, and we give it to you so you will live not as free men on your land, but as a proletariat and slaves in Israel, to serve us…’ The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are based on this principle, and anyone who reads the Protocols feels that we are in this period with the Jews…”

“The Church, the Pope, the Christians, and the New Testament clearly state that, according to Christian belief, the ones who killed Jesus are the Jews, and there is no way to deny or renounce this… . The Jews are the ones who killed Jesus; after him, (they killed) the Christians, and after them, the Muslims. Now they are again killing both the Muslims and the Christians. Throughout history, we have seen that the Jews persecuted the Christians at the beginning of the Church, and now they are again persecuting the Church, and Islam …”

“As is known throughout the world, even in our time, they always accuse the Christians… The case of Pope Pius XII is bad enough. They accused him of terrible things… They attack the Church because the Pope was not as strict as they wanted in protecting the Jews from Nazism – while the Jews found shelter only in the Church and with Christian families…”

Why is Musalam so widely respected whilst the SSPX shunned and mocked?



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2 responses to “Deicide and antisemitism in the Catholic Church

  1. Dez

    How could anyone with even half a brain cell respect such a guy.

    Seismic, check out this essay

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