An ironic blow for the Interfaith Group for Morally Responsible Investment

Interpal, a member of the Interfaith Group for Morally Responsible Investment which pressures the Anglican church to divest from certain companies that work with Israel, has found itself criticised by the Charity Commission in a report this week, in which it is claimed that the trustees of Interpal:

*had not taken sufficiently rigorous steps to investigate allegations about some of their partner organisations (Paragraphs 49-68),

* had not put in place adequate due diligence and monitoring procedures to be satisfied that these organisations were not promoting terrorist ideologies or activities. Where procedures were in place, they were not sufficient nor fully implemented (Paragraphs 115-147).

* had not adequately managed the charity’s relationship with the organisation the Union for Good. The Inquiry concluded that the charity’s continued membership of the Union for Good was not appropriate for a number of reasons set out in the report, including the involvement of designated entities in projects co-ordinated through the Union for Good, that designated entities had been amongst the Union for Good’s membership, and that one of the charity’s trustees was closely linked to the organisation (Paragraphs 69-114).

Read Habibi’s commentary on Harry’s Place.

It seems that Interpal hasn’t been morally responsible enough, which may not surprise those already aware that Interpal is banned in the USA, Canada and Australia for its suspected connections with Hamas. This surely damages IMRI’s image as those who promote and encourage morally responsible use of money.

Personally, I don’t think the Church of England’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group should be taking IMRI seriously any longer.



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2 responses to “An ironic blow for the Interfaith Group for Morally Responsible Investment

  1. Christian Zionist

    Good to know the charity commission are cracking down.

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