Stephen Sizer: “Marginalise the extremists who preach hate and fear.”

Over at Barth’s Notes, Stephen Sizer says he has confidence that:

“there is hope for justice and peace in the Middle East – if we can but marginalize the extremists who preach hate and fear.”

Following my warning about Stephen Sizer’s appearance alongside extreme antisemite and advocate of violence Ismail Patel, Stephen Sizer claimed that the meeting in Tooting alongside Patel and Ken O’Keefe was a meeting for a ‘non-violent solution‘:


Now you can watch “peace activist” Ken O’Keefe bigging up Hamas and Hezbollah on Press TV and Stephen Sizer glorifying terrifying on Press TV.

Ken O’Keefe is famous for burning his US passport in Baghdad, leading a group of human shields to Iraq, getting into trouble with the Israeli authorities, and taking a trip on the Free Gaza boat.

O’Keefe is also deeply antisemitic. O’Keefe hosts an article on his website comparing the USA to Nazi Germany, which he writes an introduction to. According to the article, there is one real difference between America and the Nazis:

“The only real difference is that this time Jews are on the side of the fascists, and of course this crossover of Jews is the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party. There is no way Democrats can mount an effective opposition to Republican imperialism without taking on the Jewish neo-cons and the fascist Sharon government, and there is no way they’re going to do that and risk alienating Jewish voters. In the end, whatever disasters may befall this country, it will be because the Democratic Party placed the feelings of 2% of American voters over the best interests of the U.S.”

Meanwhile, let’s remember that Ismail Patel cites Holocaust deniers, hosts articles by Ben White, defends Yusuf al-Qaradawi, considers Disney to be a Jewish plot and supports Hamas, Iran and Syria.

So, by Rev Sizer’s own standards, should the speakers whom he shared a platform with in Tooting be considered as extremist preachers who should be marginalised?



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3 responses to “Stephen Sizer: “Marginalise the extremists who preach hate and fear.”

  1. dona, Edinburgh

    No, he should not (Mr Sizer), and he should read your blog to be better informed.

    How he can justify himself I cannot understand. Is he a naive do gooder with no brain or true reasoning? Maybe?

    Protrayed as a scholar I would be saying , nah, he can’t be. Any “true” scholar , – and I emphasise “true” as there are alot of charlatans out there using the label – would, in my humble opinion, know his stuff and have done his research, – and know who and what he is associating with. There is no excuse today, any one with serious interest and a computer, internet, and library, can easily find out a mountain of quotes, videos, associations and downright lies, in no time at all. The facts are there.

    So, either Mr Sizer is of dull witt, or a naive do- gooder, or maybe just plain anti semitic in disguise as the gentle vicar. It has to be one or the other.

    I personnally would go for the naive do-gooder though even that can be resolved with extensive reading and research. There is no excuse for it especially as he protrays himself as leading “expert”, even with a diploma and MA from Oxford. (and that does not guarantee sharpness….)

  2. observer

    “there is hope for justice and peace in the Middle East – if we can but marginalize the extremists who preach hate and fear.”
    Including the Christian ones.

  3. seismicshock

    Thanks Dona, I do hope Rev Sizer has read your comment too!

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