Following the decision in the House of Lords that he could be deported to Jordan, radical Islamist hate preacher Abu Qatada was recently awarded £2,500 by the European Human Rights Commission.

Dr Anthony McRoy, lecturer on Islam at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology, comments on the situation:

“Courts must act according to the law and justice must be blind so it’s no use condemning the European court for awarding this compensation, they’ve just got to act according to the law. The big question really for us as Britons is what on earth our government was doing in the first place allowing this man into our country in the first place. And people have often said the asylum system is out of control in Britain and it’s really looked at that from the perspective of people abusing the asylum system as a form of illegal immigration, but there’s a security issue here. And we need to remember that the second wave of bombers in 2005, the failed bombers in July, they were to be performed by asylum seekers.”

The problem with Abu Qatada is not that he is an asylum seeker, but that he is a dangerous radical cleric with connections to Al Qaida. The question is not asylum per se, rather, should the British government allow a man into this country with known connections to terrorist groups with whom we are at war, especially when he is accused of terrorist activities in another country?

McRoy, having written extensively about the build-up to the 7/7 bombs in London, should know this full well.

But perhaps one of McRoy’s other suggestions could actually help Abu Qatada stay in the UK.

McRoy has previously claimed that if Bin Laden converted to Judaism and moved to Israel the U.S. government would leave him alone.

So, perhaps McRoy would also recommend that Abu Qatada should put on a yarmulke and start to attend a shul, in hope of avoiding extradition to Jordan!


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  1. Hmmmm

    This is the same McRoy who was quoted on one of your links as saying that Britain should apologise for the Balfour Declaration…

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