Stephen Sizer and the Thirteenth Tribe

News just in! Leading world expert on Christian Zionism Rev Dr Stephen Sizer PhD is writing a new book on Christian support for Israel!

Rev Sizer has more on this exciting proposal:

The Thirteenth Tribe: How Christians have out-Zioned the Zionists: Stephen Sizer (2010)
No, it hasn’t been written yet but it is coming together so please be patient. It will be worth waiting for. The book will examine the involvement of Christian leaders in the development of Zionism as a movement from the 19th Century through to its present manifestation in Israel today. It will show how Christian Zionists play a significant role in defending and sustaining Zionism while at the same time undermining legitimate criticism of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. It will build on the books listed above but address more sharply the political agenda of extreme Christian Zionism which is dedicated to instigating a war with Israel’s enemies in the mistaken belief that Jesus will return to vindicate them.

The Thirteenth Tribe, now where have I heard that before?

Oh yeah.

The Thirteenth Tribe is a book written by Arthur Koestler claiming that modern-day Jews are actually descended from 8th century Khazars. Strangely enough, the Khazar myth has become extremely popular among antisemites and anti-Zionists.

Read Albert Talker on the Khazar myth.

Now we know Rev Sizer doesn’t like to be accused of antisemitism, so perhaps he needs a better title for his new book…


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One response to “Stephen Sizer and the Thirteenth Tribe

  1. Hotspur

    He should call it: ‘The Thirteenth Imam: How I Managed to Make the Iranian Government even more Antisemitic’

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