Donald Wagner gave interview to Holocaust-denying David Duke fan

Donald Wagner is perhaps the leading US opponent of Christian Zionism. Rev Wagner has authored the book Anxious for Armageddon, which tackles the world of Christian Zionism, and oversaw Stephen Sizer’s controversial PhD thesis a few years ago.

Rev Wagner is also the director of the organisation Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding., and a founding member of the Institute for the Study of Christian Zionism (ISCZ), which was represented by Stephen Sizer at the antisemitic Jakarta Nakba conference back in May 2008 – a conference also attended by Holocaust denier Fred Tobin (WARNING: link to Far Right site).

Rev Wagner is famous for having compared ‘the one-hundred year process of Zionist occupation in Palestine’ with a killer vine destroying the rose bush in his back garden.

In a bizarre conflation of Judaism and Zionism, Rev Wagner has also claimed:

The Christian Zionist worldview elevates Israel to a political entity not accountable for keeping Torah or obeying the norms of international law. In its justification of Israel’s illegal program of land confiscation, demolition of homes, targeted assassinations and continued transfer of Palestinians from their homeland, the Christian right and revisionist Zionist ideology encourage the breaking of the Ten Commandments and the Levitical codes. Christian Zionists have traded the mantle of the biblical prophets for an idolatry of militarism and the nation state.

Taking his views to another audience, Rev Donald Wagner was interviewed about his views on Zionism by Hesham Tillawi:

Tillawi is notorious for interviewing Holocaust deniers, antisemites and neo-Nazis. Tellawi, you may recall, set up a neo-Nazi Muslim-Christian interfaith group called The Cross and The Crescent.

Tillawi is also a fan of David Duke, and following a spat between the two, Tillawi wrote (WARNING: link to Far Right site):

To Dr. David Duke David thank you for your comments about me on your radio show on the 12th. I am honored to be a friend of yours and I do consider you a good friend and I am a supporter of your cause. I would rather live in a white America than a Zionist America. Please tell your listeners to rest assured that Hesham Tillawi is a friend of the White movement. My show is to provide my guest with a platform to speak freely and to help them bring out their ideas and opinions to the public. Some times I resort to challenging questions to give them an opportunity to dispel some of the myth about them in the public eyes. My comment about whites and Mexicans was to give you the opportunity to about some of these myths out there which you did in a brilliant way, also my comment about you having a hard time shaking racism off, it was meant to give you the opportunity to dispel the biggest myth about David Duke out there that he is a Racist. My comment was not that David Duke was a racist and having a hard time shaking it off, but that David, due to the Zionist media, is having a hard time getting away from this label that the Zionists charged him with in order to destroy him and destroy his political ambitions. I am sorry that some of the listeners especially those on Stormfront did not see it that way. Any how, I am glad you came on the show, and please come back. Your friend, Hesham Tillawi, PhD

Tillawi has also defended Holocaust denier Fred Tobin, whom as mentioned above attended the Jakarta conference alongside Rev Wagner’s fellow ISCZ founder Stephen Sizer.

Following revelations about Stephen Sizer and the American Far Right, it is surely worrying that some of the most prominent and well-respected leaders of the Christian anti-Zionist movement have links with Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis.

Will Christian anti-Zionists now disassociate themselves from Donald Wagner, or indeed call for an explanation?



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4 responses to “Donald Wagner gave interview to Holocaust-denying David Duke fan

  1. Maccabee

    I doubt it, since when were Christian A-Zs REALLY concerned about antisemitism? I think we all know the answer to that don’t we….

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  4. holo

    First of all. jews,especially zionists are responsible for the holocaust deniers…i think.
    they utilyze historical event of holocaust for their fighting instinct and for justifying their violation.
    In fact it was jew,zionists elite jews that caused holocaust.
    jews have power. they own america.
    so now you jews are concerning holocaust deniers……its nonsense.

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