On Blogging

David T discusses whether bloggers can write at Harry’s Place, in the light of recent books by Richard Seymour and Jonah Goldberg. If you’re a blogger yourself, then the piece is certainly worth reading.

Barth’s Notes has more on the bizarre story of Glen Jenvey whipping up hysteria in internet chatrooms and the general blogosphere, in which Jenvey allegedly posed as a radical Islamists on a web forum and falsely created a story about British Jews being targeted.

Stephen Sizer carries an article by a Catholic priest on blogging about others.

Bottom line: make sure your blog posts are accurate, make them snappy, and make sure you can back up your claims with evidence!



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2 responses to “On Blogging

  1. Maccabee

    Or, take a leaf out of Rev Sizer’s book, and if you find someone has the temerity to express entirely legitimate criticisms of your writings and the antisemitic emails you send out, invoke the 10 Commandments to try to silence them!!!

  2. observer

    The blogging Catholic priest needs to add a bullet point to his array; focused on the most basic of religious principle of all-the truth.So here’s a suggested to add to the bullet points-
    -is the blog contributer or blog in search of or based on “the truth,” however unpalatable that may be or seemingly irreverent or challenging ? If so it’s irrelevant whether bloggers are anonymous/evil/insane or other – what is fundamentally of importance (to preach about)is the substance of truth in what they are saying.
    To add a biblical quote for the bullet point
    “The truth will set you free.”

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