Canon Guy Wilkinson condemns Anglican anti-Zionism

Good news from the Church of England!

Writing in the Spectator, Canon Guy Wilkinson, the Secretary for Inter-faith Relations to the Archbishop of Canterbury, reminds readers:

In 2006 the present Archbishop signed a joint declaration with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel which included the words: “We reaffirm our belief in the rights of the state of Israel to live within recognised and secure borders and to defend itself by all legal means against those who threaten its peace and security. We condemn without reserve those who deny a place for Israel and especially those who engage in the evil work of seeking to bring about its destruction.”

Last year, Rev Sizer spoke to Arabic News about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who seeks Israel’s destruction, and the “one-state solution” which would mean no more Israel:

Asked to comment on the United Nations requirement to repatriate the Palestinian refugees to their homeland, he said that repatriation of Palestinians to their own territory will be effective in retaking their own country, because, when the Palestinian refugees come to their home, they will form majority of the population and would form a multi-ethnic state including Jews, Muslims and Christians.

The British author said that the Zionists have distorted remarks by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about Holocaust, in reference to the Iranian president’s statement “why the Palestinians should pay the price for the Holocaust. The tragedy took place in Europe, why the people in the Middle East is being held scapegoat?”

Sizer said that the Zionist media misquoted President Ahmadinejad as if he wanted to drive the Jews into the sea as Israel wants to drive the Palestinians into the desert.

Rev Sizer also took part in the Voice of Palestine conference in Jakarta, which declared as one of its four main aims:

To promote one-state solution through the referendum by the native Palestinians regardless of their race, ethnic, sect, and religion.


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One response to “Canon Guy Wilkinson condemns Anglican anti-Zionism

  1. Hmmmm

    It’s an interesting article, because Guy Wilkinson focuses on official interfaith dialogue, which of course is his field. There isn’t a word about hostility to Israel and theological denial of its right to exist by some evangelicals, which occurs in unofficial, informal gatherings- ones that may be just as influential on some lay people, and of course on many non-Anglicans.

    Having said that, I am not happy that Guy Willkinson has said that Melanie Phillips’ article has hurt some Anglicans. That is beside the point as well as an arrogant piece of special pleading, for goodness’ sake. The issue at stake is just treatment of Israel, and also, by implication, the welfare of Christians in the Middle East, given that Israel has the largest number of Christians of any Middle Eastern country, and that they are safer there than in the other Middle Eastern countries.

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