Friends of Sabeel UK speaker David Halpin is a Hamas supporter

David Halpin, main speaker at the Friends of Sabeel UK conference hosted at Broadmead Baptist Church in Bristol this weekend, is the founder of the Dove and Dolphin charity. He is also an out-and-out Hamas supporter. He has recently signed a petition to delist Hamas as a terrorist group.

Halpin explains:

If the Third Reich had invaded our now benighted country, they would presumably have encountered ‘militants’. I note that even the UN call the Hamas guerillas ‘freedom fighters’.

Furthermore, Halpin has met with Hamas leaders:

I have met Ishmail Haniyeh, the PM, in March 2007 with fellow doctors, and other Hamas ministers since. I would judge them to be trustworthy men who are doing what is right for their tormented people, unlike the collaborator Abbas and his friends. Insight into Hamas, and the literal crucifixion of these people, can be gained from reading the recent letter in the Washington Post by my surgeon colleague Dr Mahmoud Al Zahar.

“Literal crucifixion of these people”? Yes, Sabeel appear rather fond of that kind of language.

By inviting Halpin as its key speaker, it seems that Friends of Sabeel UK is telling us that it is not simply a pro-Palestinian organisation, but instead a pro-Hamas organisation.



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15 responses to “Friends of Sabeel UK speaker David Halpin is a Hamas supporter

  1. Glasspole

    These people really don’t have a good grasp of English, do they?
    “Literal crucifixion”, for example. If it was literal, one could expect to see people hanging on crosses all across Israel / PA areas. Unless I have missed something, this doesn’t happen. In fact it was never a Jewish way of execution, but a Gentile one. There are reports that some who have converted from Islam to Christanity have been literally crucified. But then why would awkward things like facts have any influence on Halpin, Ateek & their ilk?
    Halpin (loved by the Church of Scotland magazine) seems to have a poor grasp of things lawful, too. The EU Definition of AntiSemitism includes the point that referring to Israel or Jewish people as Nazis is far more offensive than even calling a German person a Nazi. Yet this doesn’t bother Halpin, Sabeel and so on.
    They are low life. They may attempt to squirm their way out of being labelled “racist”, but that is precisely what they are.
    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words from the mouths (and pens) of these detestable people cause Jewish people to be ever less likely to become Believers in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. Is that their aim, a kind of Anti-Evangelism, trying to ensure that as many Jewish people as possible will spend eternity away fromthe Presence of The Almighty? What a strange desire for “Christians”!
    We already know that Ateek is a Marconist, but I can’t remember the word for those who make it their business (ministry?!) to force people AWAY from the Messiah . . . .
    Perhaps other readers can think of a suitable definition for Ateek and Halpin . . . .

  2. Glasspole

    “In your anger, sin not” . . . . in my anger I sinned. Halpin, Halper. Sorry for any confusion caused. Same thought-patterns, though

  3. j.r.

    According to the Inymedia agenda this event also features a presentation by Martin Nichols of Christian Aid. So a UK registered charity is participating in an event that features a supporter of an illegal terrorist organisation as the main speaker.

  4. seismicshock

    Indeed – let’s bear in mind that the Muslim Council of Britain is facing government opposition because of Daud Abdullah’s signature in support for Hamas. David Halpin hs similarly been in the news for his support for Hamas.

    If the Muslim Council of Britain is under pressure to get Abdullah to resign, will the controversy surrounding David Halpin’s support for Hamas have similar implications for Friends of Sabeel UK, Christian Aid or Broadmead Baptist Church?

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  6. CZ

    Broadmead Baptist Church is within the Baptist Union of Great Britain, which has been anti-Israel for a while.
    Completely lost touch with the Baptist philosemitic tradition.

    The troubling thing is that Baptists often in my experience of them refuse to recognise that there is such a thing as a tradition of Christian theology and ethics, of needing to interpet the Bible aright in and for each generation. Once you do that, you are more likely to forget that philosemitism was once more common among Baptists, and then cherry-pick Bible verses to suit whatever agenda it is you have at the time, in this case pro-Palestinian activism.
    The next thing to do is to investigate how many people in the Baptist Union colleges in the UK are pro-Hamas and appeasers of Islamism.
    A possible link is the support for the Calvinist doctrine of revolution, which could easily be interpreted as ‘morally equivalent’ to what Anthony McRoy claims is Hamas’ ‘struggle for social justice’.

  7. Lucy

    Whether people have a good grasp of a language or not, whetever way thy fail or flaunt their religion, for whatever reason and in whatever way you might like to berate them: this does not detract or deflect from the fact that Israelis have herded people into ghettos where those people are reviled and sometimes murdered for simply being of their particular cultural origins; have taken the land and resources of that nation, destroyed its mosques, schools, churches, farms and dwellings; has transgressed agreed borders, controls those of its own empirical whim, and all with a symbolic, and actual, gun in hand.
    I do not belong to or ‘support’ any religion but I can see through the past 40 yrs of carefully constructed lies of the Israeli state every time I hear about Palestinian’s histories and living conditions.
    Your sense of justice is clear enough to pick up on semantics and political-religious debate, how come such denial of the real human misery in what currently constitutes Palestine? Perhaps there is something too shocking for you to realise. That is, after all, the root cause of denial. Or is the plight of Palestinians OK with you?

  8. seismicshock

    Lucy I have no problem with pro-Palestinianism or the concept of a Palestinian state, and welcome open and honest dialogue about Israel-Palestine. Yet this is not a principally blog about Israel-Palestine, it is about contemporary Christian antisemitism in the UK. Ask youself – what has Sabeel done to stand up for persecuted Christians in Palestine, and how has it opposed Hamas’ laws against apostasy?

  9. Paul

    There is an awful lot of misinformation flying around concerning the Middle East. Let me help you to see through the years of anti-Zionist lies. Between 1949 and 1967 (the Jordanians illegally annexed a huge area in 1949) the Arabs destroyed more than 50 Synagogues in Jerusalem. In the past 3 years the Arabs have destroyed at least 2 Bible shops in Gaza. The Arabs have killed more of their own than have been killed in IDF actions.
    I fear, Lucy, that you have fallen for the kind of crap that comes from the christian aid, Sizer, the BBC, the Guardian and other racist shits.
    “Herding people. . .” is simply a lie, as well you know.
    There really should be Palestine State. There IS Palestine and it is called Jordan. Do your history and see that in 1949 Jordan issued postage stamps with “Palestine” on them; King Hussain said Jordan is Palestine; King Abdullah said the same.
    Before 1948 any person called “Palestinian” was almost certainly Jewish. We had “Palestine Post” (now called Jerusalem Post); we had “Palestine National Fund (now called Israel National Fund).
    You seem to have a filter preventng you from seeing past the propagandist pro-Arab anti-Zionism which is so prevelant.
    Why you would choose to believe the Sabeel / christian Aid bullshit is for you to decide. Personally, I prefer the empirical truth

  10. j.r.

    Lucy: “Israelis have herded people into ghettos”.

    No they haven’t. And Israel has a much more diverse population that the UK with a much larger muslim minority. When you make unbalanced and extreme statements of this sort you reveal your own prejudice.

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  12. Lucy in 1948 there was almost one million jews in the middle east and the maghreb today around 6,000. why do you think that is? did they all die out like the ‘Dodo’ I think not. Those jews fled in fear including my parents from the terror and persecution that was meted out to us as the scapegoats during and after the arab armies tried to annihilate unsuccessfully the newly formed ‘State Of Israel’ in may 1948. We the jews of the middle east and the Maghrebi states outnumbered the arab refugees of the former British mandate of Palestine by almost two to one. ‘The Real Estate’ that we left behind in the arab speaking world amounted to almost five times that of the whole size of Israel today, never mind about the frozen bank accounts and other personal property that was confiscated from us by those arab regimes. Today in Israel around 60% of the jewish population is comprised of those jews and their descendants whom were in reality kicked out and made refugees by their arab countryman, don’t we have any rights too.
    After world war two there was around 50million refugees world wide, how is it that they were all settled. The arabs never bothered about their bretheren from the former mandate of palestine, they just used those poor wretches as pawns against the Jews.

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