Broadmead Baptist Church’s heroic stance against the Taliban

From the Barnabas Fund comes the sad news that Christians in the North-West province of Pakistan are finding themselves under persecution, whilst George Conger writes on the recent implementation of sharia law in the Swat Valley in Pakistan. World Magazine also has a feature on the fact that Pakistan’s Christians are facing increased persecution from the Taliban, and converts to Christianity may face death for apostasy.

Reverend John Houseago, pastor of Broadmead Baptist Church Bristol, is doing his best to help out his fellow believers in totalitarian regimes. His church is affiliated with Action by Christians Against Torture.

The Broadmead Baptist Church website explains all:

Action by Christians Against Torture (Reg. Charity No 1072628)

Affiliated to FIACAT. an international federation of similar groups)

This is a small but growing Christian Charity, similar in intention to Amnesty International, devoted to the banishment of torture throughout the world, and to the release of all prisoners who are held in captivity without fair trial.

We are opposed to the use of torture for any reason, by any government, by any political or commercial grouping, or by any religious faith seeking to impose its will upon others.

We do this mainly by writing to governments and institutions which are known to be contravening Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, demanding that they release all prisoners who are unfairly held or tortured, and requesting that anyone who has inflicted such torture should themselves be brought to a fair trial to answer for their actions.

We have an active group at this church and would be pleased to be contacted by fellow Christians of any Denomination. We would also be happy to send a speaker to any group which wishes to know more about A.C.A.T.

Please contact ACAT GROUP, c/o Broadmead Baptist Church, 1 Whippington Court, Bristol. BS1 3HY, if you wish to know more.

So perhaps, in the light of this increased persecution of Christians, Broadmead Baptist Church or its local ACAT Group might be hosting a conference this weekend drawing attention to the brutal torture of Christians around the world.

Now, if you google around for ‘Broadmead Baptist Church’ and ‘conference’, you’ll learn that actually Broadmead Baptist Church is hosting a Friends of Sabeel UK (FOSUK) conference this coming weekend.

But wait just a minute! Doesn’t one of the patrons of FOSUK regret the toppling of Taliban? Ah yes, that’s right, Manuel Hassassian does:

What’s that you say, Manuel Hassassian? There was safety for Afghanistan with the Taliban? What about the torturing carried out by the Taliban? And, hasn’t the Taliban threatened Pakistani Christians with the option to convert or die?

Does Reverend John Houseago realise that the terrorist organisation that FOSUK patron Manuel Hassassian endorses appears to be in direct conflict with the objectives of ACAT, whom his church supports?

Quick, John Houseago – you’ve only got a few days to cancel the FOSUK conference!


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One response to “Broadmead Baptist Church’s heroic stance against the Taliban

  1. j.r.

    Also the terrorist organisation that FOSUK patron Manuel Hassassian endorses keeps itself busy killing British and allied service personnel. Wonder where the baptists stand on that one.

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