Sizer has things sized up wrong

Read YMedad at JewMarks for more on the Veolia boycott campaign launched today by Stephen Sizer on behalf of IMRI.



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3 responses to “Sizer has things sized up wrong

  1. Cath Palasz

    Stephen Sizer can be right about some things and wrong about others.He is right to realise the importance of East Jerusalem to Palestinian hopes for a capital and peace settlement, he is right to recognise that the illegal settlement building in East Jerusalem does not in any way work towards peace and is against the wishes of International frameworks and Palestinian rights. He’s wrong about a boycott of Veolia in general and in Britain, though it would be a legitimate moral stand for workers of the company not to want to work on construction on land in East Jerusalem section when it is Israeli envisioned and not Palestinian controlled under ethical grounds.
    Stephen Sizer has let the Palestinians down.
    but some of his views and solidarities are based on recognition of Palestinian woes and dispossessions .

  2. seismicshock

    Hi Cath, – I think Sizer should feel welcome to be part of a positive pro-Palestinian campaign. I think Sizer and Friends of Sabeel could potentially be really useful voices for peace; the problem is they just seem to be at present another Galloway-ised anti-Zionist pressure group based on enmity towards Israel which routinely uses anti-Jewish theology.

  3. Maccabee

    The link doesn’t seem to work…

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