Mark Tooley on Stephen Sizer

Mark Tooley writes:

Last May, Sizer observed that he had travelled over 14,000 miles to give a 25 minute talk in Jakarta, Indonesia at an international conference called “Freedom and the Right of Return,” commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Nakba or “catastrophe.” Sizer noted that “while Israel celebrates 60 years as a sovereign nation, Palestinians lament 60 years of occupation, exile and denial.” Evidently no distance is too far for the Anglican vicar to denounce Israel and its Christian supporters.

Sizer claims that Christian Zionists advocate an “exclusive theology driving a political agenda which elevates one nation over others rather than an inclusive theology centered on Jesus Christ, the savior of the world.” But it’s hard to see how the Anglican vicar is promoting the Christian faith by joining hands with theocratic Islamists in Iran and elsewhere, whose ultimate apocalyptic vision includes the subordination and ultimate destruction of Christians, Jews, moderate Muslims and others who do not share their own violent brew of turbocharged extremist Islam.


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One response to “Mark Tooley on Stephen Sizer

  1. Susan

    Sizer has ignored the Jewish refugees from Arab countries. There are more Jewish refugees from Arab countries than Palestinian refugees from Israel.

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