The rabbi, the priest and the Zionist Entity

On his blog this week, Stephen Sizer has been sharing his faith with Susan from Philadelphia, a Jewish lady. Rev Sizer, who often equates Zionism with racism, suddenly changes tack:

It would be impertinent for me, an ignorant goy, to share Jesus with Jewish people, when he is already Jewish, and Jewish people who believe in him (Messianic Jews) are simply discovering that one of the greatest Jewish teachers is also the Messiah. However, since I have been blessed with this wonderful discovery, and I am not even Jewish, how could I not want to share this good news with everyone I meet. Wouldn’t it be antisemitic to deny Jewish people the opportunity to find out about their Messiah? So shall we forget for a moment the easily made allegations of antisemitism, and talk seriously about who Yeshua ha Notsri (Jesus of Nazareth) actually claimed to be, and examine those claims in an open-minded discussion?

Of course, Rev Sizer! As a Christian minister, your primary concern is that all Jewish people should hear about Jesus, and the Christian Zionists are really muddying the water with all their support for Israel.

It’s clearly wrong of people to put political alliances with Jews before religious convictions, as you seem so keen to point out.

So, how do you explain this photo of you alongside Neturei Karta spokesman Dovid Weiss?
Or this photo?

Or these photos?

Or these photos?



Let’s make this simple:

At its core, Stephen Sizer’s opposition to Zionism is theological. Based on a supercessionist understanding of the New Testament, the coming of the Messiah means that Jews can no longer have a state, or indeed any identity outside of Christianity. The Messiah has come so Zionism is wrong.

Dovid Weiss’ opposition to Zionism also fundamentally theological. Based upon a particular ultra-Orthodox understanding of Torah, Jews cannot have a state before the Messiah comes. The Messiah has not come so Zionism is wrong.

So what exactly unites Weiss and Sizer?



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10 responses to “The rabbi, the priest and the Zionist Entity

  1. Aslan

    He doesn’t seem that bothered with what they believe just as long as it is not pro-Israel in anyway. He is a very peculiar man. Not sure what to make of him, naive or nasty!

  2. j.r.

    supercessionist understanding of the New Testament = utterly, utterly bonkers. The alliance between Sizer, NK kapos and the Iranian fascists is simply a huge open asylum for the worlds scariest loons who are prepared to ignore the petty disagreements between their imaginary friends in order to demonise the bad jews.

  3. donna

    After reading a lot of what he writes and seeing who he assoiciates with, naive or stupid was it for me. I think it maybe it comes down to a bit of both. University educated or not, his analytical skills are minimal, his vision and field narrow. He may well want to do good but that does not excuse him from responsibility of proper research. You don’t climb onto a platform with other speakers without knowing who they are and what they write and believe, and that is easy to find out in today’s world, so there is no excuses here. Is he blind?

    One question – Is all this intentional, does he just ignore what he could see, if he just did his proper homework? If so ,perhaps the nasty title is revelant as well, in addition to the stupid, and maybe the not so naive. Knowing makes it intentional and thus malintent.

  4. Susan

    Well, I’m the Susan that Sizer is referring to, but I didn’t know that he put his response on his web site.

    I bet he didn’t put on my response. I pointed out that Jesus was a Jew. He didn’t need to share Jesus with Jews. He is already a part of us. It is Jews that are sharing Jesus with Christians.

    I also said that one cannot be Jewish and accept Jesus as you savior. I explained that if he actually achieved his goal that the entire planet would be Judenrein.

    I don’t think my comments made it on to his blog.

  5. j.r.

    Susan, thank you and mazeltov for making those comments to Sizer. I am surprised that he put the conversation on his blog because it really makes him look a complete prick.

  6. MJmaxxx

    Susan – you can be Jewish, keep a Jewish identity and still believe in Jesus – you’ve got to actually live a Jewish life though and be consistent. Messianic Jews are authentic and very few of us like Sizer’s attitude.

  7. j.r.

    MJmaxxx – how can you be “consistent” if you are believing in something that is expressly forbidden by halakhah? I mean sure you can have “a jewish identity” in so far as that identity is defined by yourself, but it’s not actually consistent with jewish teaching. There is no jewish way to “believe in jesus” unless you just mean “believe that a man of that name existed”. There is no facility in judaism to worship jesus. Or krishna. Or odin.

  8. Susan

    MJMaxx, you cannot worship a human being and be Jewish, and Jesus was a human being. Also, if Jesus was the Messiah then a world of peace, love and understanding should exist, but it doesn’t.

    He didn’t post my final e-mail. It said to him that if he was going to pray for me to accept Jesus, than don’t bother praying for me. My spirituality is not based on getting into heaven. Then I said that I would pray for him in the sense that I pray for all humanity when I pray.

    I now realize that he wrote that e-mail about praying for each other just to put on his web blog.

  9. j.r.

    I am reminded of the problem in the psychology of antisemitism regarding diagnosistic categorisation, i.e. neurosis/psychosis etc. This episode displays a number of features – exhibitionism (including the false last email for publication only), lack of boundaries (“I will pray for you”) and the sadomasochistic investment in the suffering of jews and palestinians – which indicate the category “perversion”.

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