Christian leaders and writers who use the Livingstone Formulation

The Engage website this week notes that Bruce Kent (Pax Christi UK), Jenny Tonge (Friends of Sabeel UK) Stephen Sizer (vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water) and Paul Oestreicher (chaplain at the University of Sussex) have all used the Livingstone Formulation.

David Hirsh explains briefly:

There are two elements to the Livingstone Formulation. Firstly a conflation of something which is arguably, at least, connected to antisemitism into “criticism” and secondly an accusation (usually implied) that the “critic” is being characterized as antisemitic knowingly and in bad faith by the Jews or by the ‘Israel lobby’ (usually implied) in order to try to de-legitimize criticism of Israel.

Other possible examples of the Livingstone Formulation are seen in comments made by Ben White (see also here), Anthony McRoy (following NUS’ handbook on racism and prejudice which included warnings about anti-Zionism, McRoy writes “Since British Muslims are invariably anti-Zionist, the NUS effectively characterised the entire community as racist.”), Alan Morrison, and Eileen Fleming.


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