Bishop of Manchester condemns the BNP

The Bishop of Manchester Nigel McCulloch comes under attack by BNP vicar Rev Robert West [WARNING: link to Far Right site] for his firm criticisms of Far Right BNP politics in Manchester.

McCulloch said:

“They will use difference as a scapegoat, because they have nothing else to offer in response to the issues we face…”

“…At the heart of our political process is belief in democratic representation – a belief that values difference and, yes, seeks the common good. The BNP does neither. It offers only division, fear and hatred.

“I make no apology for speaking of the BNP directly. This party has a racial analysis at the core of its philosophy. It claims that it is not a racist party, but it calls at least for a segregation of the races.”

You can watch a video of this story here.

Robert West’s basic argument is that McCulloch is somehow betraying British Christianity, but what does he mean by this?

Well, amongst other things, West opposes interracial marriage. You can read more about Robert West’s particular notions about the BNP and British Christianity here.

Based on West’s narrow nationalistic logic, surely his opposition Church of England is rather unpatriotic itself?

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One response to “Bishop of Manchester condemns the BNP

  1. Glasspole

    Bishop Nigel is still (as far as I am aware) the ONLY Diocesan Bishop to speak in public AGAINST divestment.
    An all round good egg, then!

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