Garth Hewitt defends Daud Abdullah

Daud Abdullah is a Hamas supporter who signed the Istanbul declaration which advocates attacks on Zionists, friends of Israel, anyone in the world showing support towards Israel, and even British naval vessels preventing weapon smuggling into Gaza.

Garth Hewitt, director of the Amos Trust, is a signator of this letter:

The statement below in support of Dr Daud Abdullah, freedom of speech and independence from government interference, has been signed by a number of individuals and organisations:

We the undersigned consider the decision of the government to demand the removal of Dr Daud Abdullah from his elected post of Deputy General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) an attack on the democratic right of freedom of speech of every British citizen.

It is our right to express whatever lawful views we wish in relation to the government’s foreign policy and the criminal actions of Israel in relation to the Palestinian people. We note that the government proposes no sanctions against those who supported the military attack of Israel on Gaza and its ongoing siege despite Israel’s routine flouting of international humanitarian law. It is clear that double standards are being applied which discriminate against Muslim supporters of justice for the Palestinians.

We note that there is no suggestion by the government that Dr Abdullah has broken any British law. It is falsely claimed that he has advocated attacking British forces. In fact, both the MCB and Dr Abdullah have stated publicly their opposition to any attacks on British forces and there are no proposals to deploy any British forces in any part of Palestine.

We further consider the decision by the government to suspend relations with the Muslim Council of Britain, which is the main umbrella group representing Muslims in Britain, to be an act of crude bullying which no independent organisation should tolerate. This is all the more perverse as the MCB has consistently urged British Muslims to work with the police to help prevent any terrorist attacks in Britain.

We believe that the government’s actions in this matter only serve to assist those who will claim it is impossible for Muslims in Britain to support justice in the Middle East by democratic means.

We urge the government to respect the right of all British citizens, irrespective of their race or religion, to exercise their democratic right within the law to express their own opinion on domestic or foreign policies. To this end we urge the government to end its attack on Dr. Abdullah and re-instate its relations with the MCB.

Ken Livingstone; Tony Benn; Lauren Booth; Bruce Kent; Jeremy Corbyn MP; Baroness Jenny Tonge; Anas Altikriti; British Muslim Initiative; Kate Hudson Chair, CND; Andrew Murray, Chair, Stop the War Coalition; Lindsey German, Convenor, Stop the War Coalition; Betty Hunter, General Secretary, Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Sarah Colborne, Campaigns Officer, Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Canon Garth Hewitt; Muhammad Habib-Rahman, Islamic Forum of Europe; Faisal Hanjara, Federation of Students Islamic Societies; Zaher Birawi, Palestinian Forum of Britain; Pat Stuart, Executive Council Member of Unite the Union (personal capacity); Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy, NUS Black Students Officer; Bill Speirs; Naeem Darr, Muslim Directory; Maulana Maudud Hassan, Da’watul Islam UK; Muhammad Akram, UK Islamic Mission; Majid AlZeer, Palestinian Return Centre; Ismail Patel, Friends of Al-Aqsa; Sajid Miah, Young Muslim Organisation UK; Mahera Ruby, Muslimaat UK; Najah Muhammad, Sri Lanka Islamic Forum UK; Mohammed Kuxbar, Lebanese Muslim League; Musaddiq, Council of Mosques – Tower Hamlets; Yvonne Ridley; Friends of Lebanon

Other signators which might interest readers of this blog are Jenny Tonge, patron of Friends of Sabeel UK, and Bruce Kent of Pax Christi.



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3 responses to “Garth Hewitt defends Daud Abdullah

  1. Glasspole

    La Di Da, anti-Zionism to music. . . . . .
    or is that antiSemitism put to music?
    Is there a difference between those who want all Jews dead and those who support those who want all Jews dead?

  2. Yossi

    Not sure this is even “music”!

  3. dez

    Perhaps Canon Hewitt would like to comment on these allegations afainst Daud Abdullah

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