New photo at ‘Christians against Zionism’ facebook group

Look what Christians Against Zionism group founder Alexander Gillan has uploaded:

In the comments, Gillan explains:

I just came across this and thought it was interesting! It seems it is not just hard rockers who are into this!! Is there a message for us in this gesture?




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2 responses to “New photo at ‘Christians against Zionism’ facebook group

  1. Glasspole

    The person in the picture is not an “Orthodox Jew” Orthodox means sharing the common belief. He doesn’t, making him anything BUT Orthodox. In fact, he is not actually a Jew, either. Sanhedrin 90a clearly says that those who do NOT have a share in the world to come are those who deny that the Bible is Divinely Inspired. That is the basis of Saul’s writng at Romans chapter 9 verse 6 (not all Israel are really Israel). Ergo according to Talmud and the Apostolic Writings Aran Cohen and his kind are not true Israel.

  2. j.r.

    Well “christians against zionism” have 539 members when I looked. Thats far less than even neturei karta. They may be interesting exemplars of an extreme form of religious deviancy, but they are hardly of any significance outside the world of psychiatry.

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