Martin Webster defends Stephen Sizer

Martin Webster’s had a letter recently in The Spectator:

Sir: Melanie Phillips was so anxious to vent her wrath against Revd Stephen Sizer (‘Beware the new axis of evangelicals and Islamists’, 7 March) for his role in persuading the Church of England to divest itself of shares in Caterpillar, the American company which makes the armoured bulldozers used by Israel to flatten Palestinian villagers’ homes and uproot their olive groves, that she presented misinformation about me in order to perpetrate a smear by association against Sizer. The fact that Sizer’s email bulletins sometimes land in my inbox is no basis for suggesting that he and I are of the same mind.

Sizer approaches the plight of Palestine from his position as a Christian who, it seems to me, has an internationalist and non-racialist outlook. I am a religiously agnostic British Nationalist and racialist who recognises that the Palestinians, since 1948, have faced an invasion of their homeland by aliens who have set about expropriating Palestine for themselves. I see similarities between what has happened to the Palestinians since 1948 and what has happened to the indigenous British people over the same period.

The National Front — at least while I was involved with it from 1969 to 1983 — was not ‘neo-Nazi’. It was a nationalist party with a fully democratic constitution at every level. There were self-proclaimed neo-Nazi groups around at that time, but they were formally proscribed by the NF. All this is fully on record, including in various High Court proceedings. Phillips was also wrong to describe me as ‘the former leader’ of the NF. I served as its National Activities Organiser under a number of leaders.

Martin Webster
Via email

Let’s be clear: throughout the 60s and beyond, the National Front was fascist.

In the article* which Melanie Philips draws attention to, Martin Webster appears to know an awful lot about Rev Sizer’s church.

*link to Far Right blog.


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One response to “Martin Webster defends Stephen Sizer

  1. Dooley

    Hmmm. Martin Webster describes Rev Sizer as “internationalist and non-racialist”, and himself as the opposite, i.e. “racialist”. So what is Rev Sizer doing to make his material useless to the likes of webster?

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