Surprising new development

Having repeatedly shared platforms with Islamist totalitarians, Stephen Sizer delivers a rather welcome paper on the rights of Christians in Muslim majority countries. Whilst not perfect, it’s definitely worth a read. It’s certainly significant that a prominent mover in the Christian anti-Zionist movement has found a voice for those Christians in the Middle East whose problems can’t simply be blamed on Israel. I hope this positive development will mean that when Zionism and the Middle East are discussed in the future by Christian leaders, there will be a realisation of the complex nature of the Middle East, rather than an obsession with blaming Zionism for everything. Of course, when wrongdoings are committed the appropriate Israeli authorities should be held to account, yet extreme anti-Zionist ideologies merely distort the unpleasant realities of every day life in the Middle East and the very real and widespread threat of Islamist militancy. As Rev Sizer notes, Palestinian Christians have suffered under Hamas rule in Gaza, with Bible bookstore owner Rami Ayyad being murdered back in 2007. No-one should have to endure such terror.


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  1. donna

    About time. Stephen Sizer needs a good bang on the head for all the demage he has done. Maybe looking beyond his obesession and seeing the many many things he has missed will do him some good.

    That he took so long doing so – and don’t tell me the information has just now appeared, it has been around a long while, – is not a testiment to him.

    I was shocked when he spoke in Iran knowing the dreadful things that go on there.

    Hopefully this will enlighten him.

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