Rev Andrew Sails preaches on ‘Seven Jewish Children’

According to The Mint’s website, Rev Andrew Sails read out the text of Seven Jewish Children in his sermon on Sunday.

Whilst Andrew Sails went to lengths to explain how he is not antisemitic, the play which he promoted is. As Dave Rich and Mark Gardner of the Community Security Trust explain:

The dishonesty and amorality of the adult voices in Seven Jewish Children is striking. Nowhere are right and wrong considered, when deciding how to answer their children’s questions. Never does an adult in the play consider whether their suggested answer is true or not, nor whether this should have any bearing on which answer is given. Their only thought is which answers will best shield Jewish children from difficult moral questions. It is as if Jewish children are brought up in a moral vacuum, with Jewish power and vulnerability the only things that matter.

Here is the order of service from The Mint on Sunday 26th April:

Order of Service

10.30 a.m. Morning Worship led by Rev Andrew Sails

Hymn 268 “My heart and voice I raise”


All Age Ministry

Hymn 776 “Make me a channel of your peace”

The Peace

[Young people leave for their own sessions]

Reading: Isaiah 11:1-9 (p.696)

Introduction to the drama

“Seven Jewish Children: a play for Gaza”

Hymn 425 “Lord, save thy world”

Reading: Mark 10:13-16 (p.1014)

Sermon “What do we tell the children?”

Hymn “I the Lord of sea and sky”

[Dan Schutte, © Daniel L Schutte and New Dawn Music NHWS 163 CCL Licence 58752]


Prayers and Lord’s Prayer

Hymn “Onward Christian Pilgrims”

Michael Forster, © Kevin Mayhew Ltd (Tune 718 St Gertrude) NHWS 260. CCL Licence 58752


At least the church’s own children left for Sunday school. No parents should allow their child to hear this hatred.


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