Stephen Sizer will return to Iran

Following his dalliances with Iran’s clerical fascist regime back in 2007, Stephen Sizer is off back to Iran. He tells the audience at the Fuller Theological Seminary of a case he heard about recently:

“On March 5th 2009, two Iranian Christian women, Miss Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad (30), and Miss Maryam Rustampoor (27), were arrested by the Iranian security forces. Their only crime is that they are committed Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus. They are being unfairly labelled as ‘anti-government activists’, because of the hostility of the government towards practising Christians.

Their shared apartment was searched and personal belongings confiscated. They were hand-cuffed and first taken to the Police and Security Station 137 in Gysha, West of Tehran for interrogation. Later they were taken to Vozara Detention Centre. Then they were taken to the Branch 2 of the National Security Section of the Revolutionary Court. Afterwards, several sessions of interrogation took place. Finally, on March 18th, after appearing at the Revolutionary Court, they were sent to the notorious Evin Prison where they are being held without charge.

They have been told they could be freed on a bail of US$ 400,000. This excessive bail level is unrealistic and is designed to intimidate and make the release impossible. The families have subsequently been told on several occasions a judge is not available to discuss the case. Both women are allowed just a one minute telephone call every day to their immediate families. Both are unwell and in need of urgent medical attention. During their last call on March 28 Marzieh said that she was suffering from an infection and high fever. She said ‘I am dying’… Iranian Christian leaders from around the world are calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Marzieh and Maryam.”[56]

I have publicised the case of Marzieh and Maryam and will advocate on their behalf when I visit Iran next month“.

But whom will Rev Sizer advocate to? Given his close links with Dr Zahra Mostafavi, who is translating Rev Sizer’s book Christian Zionism into Persian, and his connections with the Iranian government, it is clear that Rev Sizer has friends in high places in Iran.

Perhaps he could encourage them to watch this video:

Is Rev Sizer speaking in Iran to publicly denounce state persecution of Iran’s minorities, or to publicly denounce Zionism?

If Stephen Sizer hasn’t convinced the Iranian government so far to stop persecuting Christians, will this latest visit change anything?

Why does Iran’s violently anti-Christian regime welcome Rev Sizer?

Why is Rev Sizer’s book the first Christian book to be translated into Farsi by the Iranian government?

And what will be the response from Britain’s Christian leaders to one of their fellow clergymen visiting Iran’s clerical fascist regime?

Who will let this pass?



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2 responses to “Stephen Sizer will return to Iran

  1. Dooley

    “Who will let this pass?”

    The same spineless Anglican/ evangelical leaders who seem to have taken no action whatsoever against Sizer for sending out those antisemitic emails to the Living Stones network.

    Even UCU eventually took action against Jenna Delich when she ciruclated material from David Duke’s website.

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