A conflict of interests

Stephen Sizer tweets:

Thinking about how to get a visa to visit Iran in ten days for a conference on Palestine.

Iranian interests in Palestine are not in peace or justice, but funding Hamas and Hezbollah. Even the Palestinian Authority responded harshly to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent words.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not win friends among the Palestinian delegation at the United Nation’s anti-racism conference in Geneva last week, even though he championed their cause on its opening day.

His speech “was not helpful at all. It was not balanced,” the PLO Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva Ibrahim Khraishi told The Jerusalem Post in Geneva last week.

“He [Ahmadinejad] made from it a show and used it as an election campaign for his country,” said Khraishi.

Although Ahmadinejad spoke of the “Zionist crimes of aggression, carnage and other brutalities” against the civilians in Gaza, the overall thrust of his speech, which called for the eradication of Zionism, did not fit within the goals and aims of the Palestinian delegation in Geneva.

Here’s what happened when Stephen Sizer went to Iran last time:

Sizer also attended a conference in Indonesia alongside Iranian officials, representatives for Hamas and Hezbollah and Holocaust deniers. All participants agreed to do their best to bring about a one-state solution (not a two-state solution which Rev Sizer claims to support).

So, I wonder what will be discussed at the conference…


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One response to “A conflict of interests

  1. Aslan

    Sizer is at it again! For a man who claims to be a friend of Israel I wish he’d at least be honest with himself and admit that he just hates Israel. The only Jews he likes are the ones that agree with him and hate Israel as much as he does. Sizer and his Judenrat working together for his goal of the destruction of the State of Israel. No wonder he got invited back to Iran.

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