More on Ken Coates and Herod

A Rabbit’s Eye View of the Hypberborean North has an interesting post discussing the Russell Foundation’s chairman Ken Coates’ updating of Christian antisemitism, interacting with some of my own thoughts on the matter.

Part of the problem of the new theological antisemitism, I think, is that the old theological antisemitism hasn’t entirely disappeared by any means. Nowadays people may not publicly invoke Matthew 27:25 to claim that Jews are Christ-killers, but this doesn’t mean that this belief is not still held by many.

And here’s the issue: if you think that the words of a few people in a square in Jerusalem are a justification for attacks and hatred against all Jews everywhere, there is something wrong with your thinking.

Of course, many Christians have realised this, and favour being progressive rather than bigoted. Yet ironically, it is becoming more and more popular on some parts of the Christian anti-Zionist movement to invoke a Herod metaphor in order to portray Israel as an entire country of people who massacre infants. Considering liberation theology routinely identifies Jesus as an oppressed Palestinian, the imagery of Israel as a cruel dictator in the mould of Herod is tempting for Christian antisemites within the anti-Zionist movement.

Yet anti-Zionist religious rhetoric helps no-one, and merely prevents people from considering events in the Middle East by their own merit. A truly progressive Christian movement would cast aside the shackles of hate-inspiring propaganda and instead bring something positive to the table.


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  1. Thank you for that, Seismic.

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