Stephen Sizer: persona non grata in Iran

Alec of Efrafan Days guest posts on Harry’s Place on Stephen’s Sizer failed trip to Iran.

He concludes thus:

I would hope that Sizer does not now push ‘Islamophobia’, in which he considers having a go at Israel to be more important than caring for fellow Christians and proselyting his faith to non-Christians individuals in Muslim majority countries; just as I would hope he does not hint at anti-Arab racism in which he uses the epithet “Children of Hagar” [1] as a pejorative. However, I am left with a lingering sense of an obsequiousness towards the Khomenists in his missive.

But from little acorns and all that… G-d speed, Stephen!

[1] I stress I do not believe that Arab ethnicity and ownership of of modern Israel and adjacent territories and/or states can be justified through ancient Biblical verses. Then again, unlike some people, I am not attempting to disinherit an entire national group through my own exegesis of a verse in Galatians. I also don’t think the I-word or the Z-word is a bad word.



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2 responses to “Stephen Sizer: persona non grata in Iran

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  2. efrafandays

    Thank you for this, Seismic.

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