Aw diddums!

Ben White writes to WORLD magazine in response to Mindy Belz’s article. Yet there’s one part of this letter which strikes me as odd. It’s the bit I’ve highlighted and added a link to. If you follow the link, you’ll see why.

White writes:

I was disappointed and saddened by WORLD’s coverage of the recent controversy emerging from my book review of Patrick Sookhdeo’s Global Jihad (“Stifling the messengers,” March 28). Mindy Belz asks why I sent my review to a Muslim blogger. As a freelance journalist I routinely circulate my work to potentially interested parties. Also, I object to being described as a “writer who favors Hezbollah and Palestinian militants.” Finally, the organizations Melanie Phillips accuses of trying to “discredit and stifle” those warning against the Islamization of Britain have all denied the accusation.

—Ben White; Sao Paulo, Brazil


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One response to “Aw diddums!

  1. bratanchik

    Ben White is not whiter than white when it comes to defending terrorists, he is either morally confused or just a twisted mind!

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