Cancer or Bacillus?

This week, Stephen Sizer has reposted his interview with Alan Hart on his blog. Come to think of it, quite why he posts all his interviews is a mystery – much of his talks are very similar, and cover the same material, and have been written for the era in which George W Bush was still the US President.

But anyway, Sizer describes Hart of the Matter as:

“a programme committed to telling viewers the truth – the truth about who must do what and why if the Palestine problem, the cancer at the heart of international affairs, is to be cured before it consumes us all.”

Now, ordinarily I would be reluctant to make the link, but given that Rev Dr Sizer PhD cites a Holocaust denier in the interview, I am reminded of this:

“Only when this Jewish bacillus infecting the life of peoples has been removed can one hope to establish a co-operation amongst the nations which shall be built up on a lasting understanding.” quoted in N H Baynes, The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, Oxford University Press, 1942, Volume I, pp.743

I had hoped that Rev Sizer’s seemingly newfound respect for human rights would lead him to distance himself from Crowley, but I guess not.

This is not to suggest that Rev Sizer has a similar outlook on life, but surely this language is insensitive at best. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as tricky enough without it being blown out of proportion or associated with hateful rhetoric.

And when Stephen Sizer praises the Iranian state’s Press TV-commissioned Hart of the Matter for its coverage of ‘the Palestine problem’, what message does that send to those who do actually care that the Middle East doesn’t turn into a nuclear wasteland?



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2 responses to “Cancer or Bacillus?

  1. Dooley

    Well this is interesting isn’t it. If Sizer thought that appearing on Press TV and allowing his insinuating-Israeli-complicity-in-9/11 book to be translated into Farsi was going to give him leverage in protesting for the rights of Iranian Christians to the Iranian government, that belief has now been found wanting. And so, since Sizer and the Iranian government clearly have no common ground on the treatment of Christians, the only common ground they have is a venomous hatred of Israel. Putting it another way, the only reason why the Iranian government likes Sizer so much is because of his antisemitism. Or have I missed something?

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