GAFCON member lectures Church of England on moral investment

Stephen Sizer’s church recently hosted Wallace Benn of GAFCON. Sizer is a prominent GAFCON member, and feels that the Church of England as it stands is morally lacking, especially the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Stephen Sizer recently posted this criticism of Church of England’s investment policy on his blog:

Where is the Church of England’s heart invested?

Indeed, Sizer himself is a member of the Interfaith Group for Morally Responsible Investment (IMRI), of which Interpal is a member.

This is what Stephen Sizer’s morally responsible investment looks like:

A London-based charity set up in the early 1990’s to provide healthcare to refugees in the West Bank, Interpal was investigated by the Charity Commission in 1996 and in 2003 after allegations that it its funds were sent to Hamas, and the current investigation was prompted by a 2006 Panorama programme which reported that some of its funds had gone to Hamas supporters. No evidence however has been unearthed by the Charity Commissioners in support of these charges.

However in 2003 the US and Australian governments banned Interpal followed by the Canadian government in 2006, stating they believed it to be a front organization for Hamas and terrorist financing.

While it could not substantiate these charges, the Charity Commission said Interpal “must disassociate itself” from the Union for Good led by Al-Qaradawi. Its association with Al-Qaradwi, who “promoted violence as a legitimate form of resistance in support of the Palestinian cause” was questionable the commission said.

The Rev. Stephen Sizer, vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water told The Church of England Newspaper, that although he could not speak for IMRI, “for the third time the Charity Commissioners have vindicated Interpal and I am delighted to be associated with their charitable and humanitarian work. “

The inquiry found that “there has been nothing brought to the inquiry’s attention that suggests that the charity’s funding has been siphoned off for inappropriate or non-charitable purposes,” he said. “Please can we leave these folk to get on with their vital humanitarian work?”

And this is Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi:

Perhaps GAFCON members should get their own house in order first, and publicly distance themselves from Interpal and IMRI before criticising the Church of England’s investment policies?


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