Ben White and historical tragedy

Here is Ben White writing on the Nakba.

Here is Ben White writing on the Holocaust.

Whilst these two events are not comparable in size, scale, or intent, what is worthy of comparison is Ben White’s relatively relaxed attitude towards Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial, and his combative style towards the “American Jew” [sic] speaking about the Nakba (an “American Jew” who, incidentally, does recognise the Nakba as a tragedy which Palestinians have the right to remember, and is voicing his opposition to Israeli plans to ban Nakba memorial in Israel).

Ben White should be as careful and sensitive about the Holocaust and the Nakba in his blogging and writing as he appears to be in the petition he organised for Christian leaders last year, surely?



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3 responses to “Ben White and historical tragedy

  1. Dooley

    Ben White is scum

  2. Art Skell

    Ben White should get a medal. He has consistently exposed the layers of lies fostered by the Israeli PR machine. But like China’s attempt to smother the truth regarding Tiananmen Square, no amount of money can cover up the crimes of 1948. Tyranny will never last, the truth will always triumph.

  3. bratanchik

    Art thou so stupid as not to see thine own racist slurs and regurgitation of anti-Semitic mythology of rich Jews covering up so-called crimes. Ben White is a sycophanic sympathiser of anti-Semites as it seem thou Art Art!

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