Dr Anthony McRoy article links to Holocaust denier’s website

Dr Anthony McRoy, lecturer at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology, frequently comments on Premier Christian Radio. Speaking of the appropriate British response to the murder of Edwin Dyer by Al-Qaeda operatives, McRoy told listeners:

“We must never ever give in to terrorists of any description. This is one of the big mistakes we made in Northern Ireland, partly because I’ve got to say of US pressure responding to the Irish-American lobby. We mollycoddled them, we agreed to ceasefires with the IRA. We must never give way and, as hard as it is, even when it is a fellow Briton, we must never ever give in to terrorists, we must never ever agree to ransom, because the moment we do this the floodgates open.”

The IRA indeed was a terrorist group, as too are Al Qaida, and as were also the Kahanist Jewish Defence League, responsible for the murder of Palestinian-American Alex Odeh.

In McRoy’s article about Odeh, we read:

(Photo of Odeh at http://www.hoffman-info.com/pales

Effectively, US Government foot-dragging on the Odeh case sends a message to bin Laden; if he is searching for a new safe haven, he need only convert to Judaism and migrate to Kiryat Arba, where the Zionist regime will shield him and any other Jewish terrorist killing American citizens, and the US Government will quietly forget his case. Alex’s brother Sammy Odeh, told me that the family wanted ‘closure’, which could only happen when the perpetrators are brought to [justice])

Indeed, Odeh’s killers must be brought to justice. Yet there are surely saner critics of JDL terrorism than Hoffman-Info.

The Hoffman Info site was the homepage of Michael A. Hoffman II, infamous for his views on the Holocaust and links to the Far Right. (In drawing attention to a Hoffman internet article, perhaps McRoy finds yet more common ground with Stephen Sizer).

Hoffman was the editor of the Historical Review Press. You can get a feel for its ‘Jewish studies’ section here, with articles contributed by Hoffman. HRP includes, among many other vile pieces, an article by David Duke on ‘Jewish involvement in pornography’.

So, why did McRoy’s article link to Hoffman-Info?

Would it be acceptable, for example, to link to the BNP website if you wrote an article about Islamism and 9-11? Of course not.

But, as Lucy Lips discovered this week, getting academics to explain people’s concerns that some of their rhetoric appears to legitimise Far Right conspiracy theorists is a tricky business.



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8 responses to “Dr Anthony McRoy article links to Holocaust denier’s website

  1. CZ

    McRoy’s comments on not giving in to terrorism aren’t good enough though if they are followed by linking to Hoffman’s site. This move prompts suspicion that he sees Israel and the Jewish people as scapegoats for problems in British society. The current problem that evangelicals have to face is endless battles over sexual ethics, and the freedom of Christians to teach in this area. It’s all too easy to take revenge on the secular majority, who have a range of attitudes, by scapegoating Jewish people, due to not being Christians, for allegedly being sexually depraved. It’s an ignorant attitude because it ignores the fact that Jews and Christians share common roots as regards sexual ethics. This splitting and projection is psychologically no different from how a lot of Islamists think about westerners. It’s also how some men become misogynists. (Then again Islamists tend to be misogynists!)

  2. Dooley

    McRoy like Sizer is an antisemitic shit

  3. Dear Raymond,

    We are praying for you and your friends at Leeds University.


  4. Dooley

    Typical psycho bullshit from Sizer, try to wierd out the messenger and ignore the message!

  5. seismicshock

    Rev Sizer, did I notice the f-word on your blog? Is that really becoming of an Anglican vicar? You are supposed to be extraordinarily polite! I’m pleased to see you’re once again commenting on Seismic Shock (and rather hope that you’ll extend the same privileges to others on your blog), but I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong guy. Shame about the Iran trip really, but at least you’re around Christ Church much more these days.

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  7. CZ

    Stephen Sizer,

    stop trying to manipulate people spiritually by telling them you are praying for them.
    It’s a tactic that may work with naive and susceptible teenagers, but it doesn’t work with grown adults like the rest of us.
    So, basically, don’t bother; you look pathetic and you bring the church into disrepute.

    We can all see through it, this ‘I-am-such-an-evangelical-goody-two-shoes’ facade that you use. Remember what Jesus teaches his disciples in Matthew 6: do not be like the hypocrites praying on the street corners. Do not blow your own trumpet.

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