Fiore and Tam: No to Turkey and Israel joining the EU, Yes to Russia and Belarus

Lombardy Indymedia brings news of fascist priest Giulio Tam:

The final rally of the Forza Nuova campaign, held in the central Piazza San Carlo in Milan, took place without incident. Speaking from the stage were the national secretary of the Forza Nuova, Roberto Fiore and Don Giulio Tam. At the meeting there was a thick cordon of police and carabinieri (Italian gendarmes) to avoid any contact with an anti-fascist garrison that had been announced in the adjacent Piazza San Babila, but there was none. Secretary Fiore spoke of the need to stop the Islamic invasion in Europe, saying no to the entry of Turkey into the European Union and Israel, but yes to the entry of Russia and Belarus. The leader of the Forza Nuova has also advocated a return to an economy based on agriculture, on construction and manufacturing, and praised the end of speculative finance.

Here are two photos from the Forza Nuova website:



The above reads: “Expensive aims: We don’t want other wars. Forza Nuova.” and “NO to Turkey in Europe.”

Last month, Karl Pfeifer drew attention to a similar campaign in Austria by the Austrian Freedom Party (PFO):

Pfeifer draws our attention to the words of Austrian chancellor Wener Faymann:

“To name Israel is absolutely absurd. Israel is not at all a candidate to join. There is not even a procedure for joining. The only cause to name Israel is to satisfy antisemitic prejudices. That is a shame. […] I deplore this instigation sharply.”

So both Forza Nuova and FPO are advocating saying ‘no’ to Turkey and ‘no’ to Israel joining the EU, even though Israel has not applied for membership of the EU. I doubt this mistake is a coincidence, rather it seems, as Faymann noted, to be playing on racist prejudices.

I have blogged on the BNP’s links to Tam, Fiore and Forza Nuova here and here.

And the BNP still claims to be a friend of Israel?


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