Michael Hoffman distances himself from James Von Brunn

On his Revisionist Review blog (warning: link to far right hate site), Holocaust denier Michael Hoffman draws attention to a particularly vile anti-Christian rant by James von Brunn.

Hoffman himself has previously said of the Holocaust:

The ‘Holocaust’ is a religious cult masquerading as history. It is a means for Judaizing the West. …

Hoffman prefixes the Von Brunn article thus:

The following anti-Christian rant has been attributed to James von Brunn, the accused assailant at the “Holocaust Museum.” As Christians we are publishing this disgusting statement alleged to be his (from a website called antichrist.net) not because we endorse it (in fact we utterly condemn it) — but to demonstrate that the seeming Manchurian Candidate James von Brunn was not part of our movement and his deeds cannot be attributed to Christian revisionists.

If this is in fact Von Brunn’s authentic writing, then he extols race as much as any rabbi. Strange indeed is the degree to which he allegedly fired his gun on cue, timed to support the game plan of the Cryptocracy.

So what’s the problem with Von Brunn? Not that he has murdered an innocent man in a Holocaust museum, but that he hated Christianity – a religion which Hoffman routinely attempts to make a mockery of by dressing up his hatred of Jews with theological language.

It would be appropriate if Stephen Sizer and Anthony McRoy could put distance between themselves and Hoffman, having both linked to his work.

UPDATE: Modernity picks up the link between Von Brunn and Carto. See here and here for more on Carto, Hoffman and the American Christian Far Right and its possible influence in certain British theological circles.



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2 responses to “Michael Hoffman distances himself from James Von Brunn

  1. elizabethbettina

    David Marwell of the Museum of Jewish Heritage said, “See what happens when hate and ignorance dominate.”

    We also need to see what happens when ‘hate does not dominate – when caring for others dominates.’

    Elizabeth Bettina

  2. seismicshock

    So true, thank you.

    And Elizabeth, your book look fascinating, I hope you won’t mind me sharing the link with my readers:


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