Reverend Jeremiah Wright blames ‘them Jews’…

…for keeping him from Obama.

Which other reverend does this remind me of?

Neither Dole nor Clinton will dare upset the Jewish lobby.”



Filed under bigotry

3 responses to “Reverend Jeremiah Wright blames ‘them Jews’…

  1. modernityblog

    Touche! You got Rev. Sizer there, what a nasty article by Sizer, he doesn’t even hide it by using the old cover “Zionist Lobby”. What an awful man.

  2. Dooley

    well said Mod and Seismic!

  3. Parousia

    If SIzer didn’t have the Jews…. ops sorry, Zionist entity, to blame, what else would he do with his time in the leafy, comfortable but probably boring posh burb he lives and occasionally works in, when he not anti-semitic globetrotting!

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