Bad news for Iranian Christians; good news for Dr Anthony McRoy?

Persecutor of Christians Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has apparently been re-elected as President of Iran. This could well be good news for evangelical Christian scholar Dr Anthony McRoy, who said upon meeting the president:

“Those meeting Ahmadinejad commented how intelligent, humble, charismatic, and charming he was”

“Ahmadinejad gives quick, extensive and intelligent answers to any question, mixed with genial humour.”



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4 responses to “Bad news for Iranian Christians; good news for Dr Anthony McRoy?

  1. CZ

    McRoy is waxing lyrical about all kinds of stuff about Iran including
    the Shahs. Does he not remember that the Iranian Revolution overthrew the last Shah ?

    ‘Tour guides emphasised the glorious history of Iran, including great Shahs such as Cyrus and Darius.’

    Cyrus is a significant figure. McRoy has not bothered explaining that this is because he let the Jews return to Israel, and that Harry S. Truman said of himself ‘I am Cyrus’ in helping pave the way to the creation of the state of Israel.

  2. seismicshock

    Good point – he has both a romanticised and reductionist view of Iran. It would be interesting if McRoy has any opinion on the current election, given his warm words for Armoureddinnerjacket.

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  4. More interesting will be that the Mahdists regard the Zoroastrian period with distrust.

    Someone has been caught with their jahiliyah around their ankles.

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