Iranian Christians had hoped for Mousavi

Charisma Mag describes the hopes of Iranian Christians for a more tolerant society in an Iran led by reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Charisma points out:

In 2008 an apostasy law that would make conversion from Islam punishable by death in certain circumstances passed in Iran’s Parliament. The law is currently awaiting review by a Parliamentary council, but it could be enacted during the first few months of the next presidency.

Z-Word brings us the news that Holocaust-denying Iranian news agency Press TV is ignoring the protests in Iran. And guess who was recently in attendance at Press TV’s studio?



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2 responses to “Iranian Christians had hoped for Mousavi

  1. CZ

    Leaked election results show Ahmadinehad came third in the elections and Mousavi won.
    The UK government is now concerned about Iran.

    And to think that Stephen Sizer and Anthony McRoy kiss Ahmadinehad’s arse. The guy is a loser. Most of the Iranian electorate are under 30 (70%), and not in a mood to be bossed around by a gang of old thugs wanting to control every inch of their lives. Sizer and McRoy are getting old, perhaps angry that people in Iran might get western freedoms gradually, and be freed from the grip of compulsory clerical religion. After all, in their minds, Islamic theocracy and traditional Christianity are the same thing, aren’t they ?

  2. CZ

    It’s worth realising that the report of leaked election results is from the Daily Telegraph late morning monday 15 June.
    The BBC has said NOTHING. Only this evening, tuesday 16, is it saying there are calls for a recount. But it’s actually been saying since yesterday that maybe Mousavi’s supporters were more loud than numerous, and giving the impression most people voted for Ahmadinehad.

    The BBC is almost as bad as Press TV here.

    It’s worth scrutinising BBC coverage of Iran very carefully, and reading Biased BBC regularly on the Middle East and Israel.

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