Ben White and the Bethlehem Bible College

On the Israeli Apartheid Guide website, we find a recommendation of White’s new book from Rev Alex Awad of the Bethlehem Bible College. Awad writes:

“In this book, Ben White, provides important insights on the history and emergence of the state of Israel while simultaneously documenting the suffering, dispossession and dispersion of the Palestinian people from lands they controlled for hundreds of years. For the earnest scholar and serious student of the Israel/Palestine question, his research will prove most valuable.”

This is not the first association White has with the college, having spent a summer in Bethlehem teaching English in Bethlehem Bible College. I noted here that Awad, alongside Stephen Sizer, shared a platform with Holocaust denier Fred Tobin and representatives of Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah in order to denounce Israel.

Recently Jonathan Hoffman reported that at Ben White’s book launch, he was told by a young man that “the Nazis should have finished the job,” whilst his friend was jeered upon announcing her Jewish-sounding surname.


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