Is Ben White an arrogant imperialist?

As tensions between Britain and Iran once again escalate, let’s remember Ben White’s reaction to the last conflict between Britain and Iran, concerning the seizing of British marines back in 2007:

“While pundits and politicians have differed in their interpretation of how the incident has affected Britain’s reputation, there has been a remarkable amount of unity in the response of the British government, press and public opinion to the marines’ arrest, a framework characterised by typical imperial arrogance.

In this racialised discourse, Iran is simultaneously the object of colonial scorn and condescension, and is elevated to the level of evil, irrational menace. This dual approach, while apparently contradictory, does important ideological work. Iran is stripped of all the normal ‘privileges’ afforded to states; forbidden to defend itself, presumed to act ‘irrationally’, it’s very sovereignty malleable and penetrable…”

So it’s “imperialistic” to want your own troops back?

But anyway, shock horror, Ben White is now openly criticising Iran, and apparently aligning himself with the concerns of David Miliband and the Foreign Office! Does this make Ben White an “arrogant imperialist” employing a “racialised discouse”?

Perish the thought!


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