This Charming Man

This is what Dr Anthony McRoy said of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (paying homage to George Galloway in the process):

I was part of the group invited to the Presidential home to meet President Ahmadinejad. I suggested a meeting between him (and Muslim religious leaders) and leading American Evangelicals to discuss ‘difficulties’ both historical and contemporary between America and Iran and between Evangelical Protestants and Muslims. He said he was quite open for dialogue, and said they had nothing against the American people, who were a ‘respectable’ people.

Those meeting Ahmadinejad commented how intelligent, humble, charismatic, and charming he was. Surprisingly, the US delegates seemed especially taken with him. Personally, I tend to be cautious of all politicians whatever their nationality, but I could why he worries America – not because of the nuclear issue, but because he is such a contrasting alternative for people in the region to the corrupt, self-interested pro-US despots that litter the Muslim world. Recent polls in the region show that Ahmadinejad is vastly popular. The Sunni Arab delegates lauded him. Certainly, it was wise of Bush to decline Ahmadinejad’s offer a debate. Those who remember the way George Galloway wiped the floor with Senator Coleman will have an idea of what would happen. Ahmadinejad gives quick, extensive and intelligent answers to any question, mixed with genial humour. Blair, an accomplished debater, could fence with him, but Bush would merely embarrass himself.

I have before drawn attention to Christian apologists for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Criticism of Ahmadinejad from Ben White and Stephen Sizer has only come after Ahmadinejad’s electoral performance – previously White has defended Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial and Sizer has gone on a sponsored trip to Iran.

But, even then, where are the cries from the same church leaders to boycott Iran?


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